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ApprovalPlus Procure-to-Pay software frees your accounts payables department from the time consuming and manual tasks traditionally associated with matching purchase orders to invoices. Using automated workflows, and intelligent checks and controls, invoices are processed more quickly, and the potential for fraud reduced. The invoice approval and purchase order management process is reduced from days to minutes, so it’s easier to track and reconcile organisational spending.

ApprovalPlus currently integrates with 26 different ERP or finance systems including JD Edwards, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft solutions, Pronto, BPCS, and more.

What does the procure-to-pay process look like with ApprovalPlus?


Check out these 3 easy procure-to-pay steps: 

  • Raise a Purchase Order: Just select the catalogue item in ApprovalPlus with correct price and account codes.
  • Send a Purchase Order: ApprovalPlus electronically dispatches the Purchase Order to the supplier or vendor.
  • Receive an Invoice: The invoice is scanned into ApprovalPlus where the automated invoice processing matches it to the Purchase Order, then codes, approves and sends it to your finance system for payment.

“The Council’s target of an eight-day turnaround for invoice approval process prior to implementing ApprovalPlus, has been dramatically reduced to just three days per month."

Graeme Souter, Expenditure Manager, Dunedin City Council


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Make your procurement and accounts payable processes more efficient

Speed up your invoice processing system

ApprovalPlus converts tedious, manual accounts payable processes into efficient electronic processes, streamlines procedures, minimises paperwork and reduces non value-add activities.

Reduce the risk of fraud

By providing greater business controls, secure delegations and a clear transactional view, ApprovalPlus gives you more confidence in your procure-to-pay process. That means your invoice processing and management is subject to fewer errors, greater efficiency and less opportunity for fraud.

Deliver procure-to-pay best practice

ApprovalPlus promotes electronic ordering from suppliers, quick and easy corporate card approvals and expense claim settlements, and a Project Management module to approve project spend within a budget. It also provides proof of a secure financial controlled environment to auditors. ApprovalPlus integrates with most finance systems.

We’ve helped these companies transform their Procure-to-Pay process

Toyota New Zealand Case Study Ravensdown Case Study

Dunedin City Council Case Study

Control the Procure-to-Pay Process with an easy to use and functional workflow system

How can ApprovalPlus Procure-to-Pay system work for you

Tighten the controls on organisational spending

Set delegated authorities per business unit, authorise purchases before ordering, manage project budgets and allow for segregation of duties.

Enhance your audit compliance

Track who has authorised transactions, monitor changes in authority, ensure each invoice has passed through a controlled process rather than a random check on transactions.

No more manual paperwork, automated AP

Reduce administrative time and cost by 25% with automatic three-way matching of invoices to purchase orders, coding, approvals and routing to your finance team for payment.

Streamline your invoice approval and purchase order processes

Slash invoice approval times and never lose a document again. Use process automation to remind users of tasks, and trigger the completion of a process once the task is done. With automated workflows, you’ll get faster purchase order approval, and orders are electronically sent to suppliers.

Digitise your documents

Forget storage boxes, manual filing and costly archiving when you store your invoices and related documents online. You’ll save time and money, and have easy on-demand access to your information.

See how these companies have eased their procurement pains with ApprovalPlus

Take your ApprovalPlus solution to the next level with these additional modules

Credit card module

Import credit card transactions from your card supplier for coding, description entry and approval for payment.

Project module

Allows for approval of project / capital spending, through to management of purchasing against an approved fund. Reporting can compare plans to actual spending.

Expense claims module

Enable staff to claim allowances such as mileage, flights and per diems, or to attach receipts and claim for purchases that need reimbursement. Once entered claims go to Managers for approval and through to the finance system for quick payment.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module

OCR information can be imported into ApprovalPlus to automate the load of invoices or purchase order matches.

E-Bill module

This module is used where there is a large number of invoices from key suppliers, or invoices that have a large number of invoice lines to be entered. The E-Bill module allows data mapping.

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Latest procure-to-pay insights

A quick guide to Procure-to-pay


What is procure-to-pay software? 

 Procure-to-pay software is used by your employees to manage the process of purchasing and paying for the vendor goods and services used to run your organisation. The software uses a workflow to manage and automate the seamlessly progression of your tasks through all the necessary steps of requisitioning, invoice capturing, matching, review, reconcilliation and approval, and final payment.


Is procure-to-pay the same as Accounts Payable? 

 Accounts Payable is one of the components of the procure-to-pay process. Accounts Payable focuses on processing supplier invoices for payment. The procurement part of the process focuses on the purchasing of goods and services.


What is the difference between procure-to-pay and purchase-to-pay? 

 Relax – they are the same! They both start with sourcing and purchasing goods and services, and end with a supplier or vendor invoice being paid.


What are the steps of the procure-to-pay process?

  1. Identify needs
  2. Create purchase order
  3. Gain approval for order
  4. Place order with supplier
  5. Receipt goods or services
  6. Capture supplier invoice
  7. Match invoice to purchase order and receipt
  8. Handle any exceptions or overspend approval


Can ApprovalPlus procure-to-pay solution integrate with other systems? 

 It sure can! ApprovalPlus currently integrates with 26 different ERP or finance systems. Integration is kept simple to allow connection to any system. We have customers using JD Edwards, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Solutions, Pronto, BPCS, and many others.


How much time and effort is required to implement a procure-to-pay software? 

 The software installation and technical work is quick and easy. You need to allow some time for your staff to learn to system, and to manage the changes in your business process. A typical ApprovalPlus project takes 6-8 weeks.