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Your Success is our Success. 
So we dedicated a whole team to it.

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We're all about providing you with the best possible customer experience.

This includes a strong partnership, qualified people with real-world expertise, innovative ideas and solutions, and outstanding support services. We have an unequivocal commitment to helping you realise more return on your investment, year after year.

And we keep our promises. Why? Because we want you to experience the value of being a Fusion5 ‘customer for life’.

What can our Customer Success Team do for you?

Fusion5's Customer Success Team is dedicated to ensuring your every engagement with us is a positive one.

Our top-notch people do so much more than just ‘fix things’. While our goal is the smooth, efficient, uninterrupted running of your business on a day-to-day basis, that's not all we care about. 

Your future success is just as important to us!

That's why we drive continuous improvement within your organisation through our ‘Connect’ insights, training and events series. We keep your people informed, educated, and equipped with the skills to perform at their best.

If you need a bespoke level of support our PartnerPlus programme gives you access to a dedicated Service Delivery Manager, personalised reporting, value-adding software and proactive business improvement services.

As one of our Microsoft Customers, you have direct access to the highly regarded ‘Microsoft Premier Support’ program. Enjoy 24/7 on-demand assistance and end-to-end support from local Microsoft specialists.

Our Customer Success Team includes

Service Delivery Managers

Our SDMs are responsible for maintaining a strong and effective support relationship with you. They're your voice and advocate - making sure your issues are attended to quickly and new work requests are thoroughly scoped and well delivered.


Our Consultants provide application support across all of your solutions. They evaluate issues and work with you until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome, suggest continuous improvements to your application investments and provide a highly responsive break/fix service.

Consulting Team Leader

Our Consulting Team Leader supports our Consultants to help you optimise and gain real value from your solutions. They make certain your issues and requests are responded to in a timely manner to ensure you are happy with the outcome.

Customer Success Coordinators

Our Coordinators work with our Consultants and Service Delivery Managers to quickly respond to and effectively resource your support requests. They’re also responsible for bringing value-add initiatives to your business, including our acclaimed Fusion5 Connect insights, training and events.

Customer Success Administrators

From providing support for our Service Delivery Managers to giving back-up cover to our Coordinators, our Administrators are key to making the day-to-day running of our team as efficient and effective as possible.

Delivery & Operations Team Leader

Our Delivery & Operations Team Leader supports our Service Delivery Managers and Operations team to make sure your experience with us is the best it can be. They’re also responsible for making continuous improvements to our processes and systems, including iHelp.

Customer Success Team Book

For a concise summary of how we support, educate, and help our customers maximise their investment in technology, download to read at your leisure

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