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The Power of Unified IT

Enterprise Service Management for end-to-end business support

Leave behind out-dated tools and processes that hold you back from delivering innovation and responsiveness. Our Fusion5 Unified IT framework will help you meet your deadlines and free up your resources from repetitive low-value tasks so they can focus on higher-value initiatives. Regardless of the size of your organisation, multiple departments can be onboarded to one easy-to-use and maintain platform.

Minimise IT costs and improve responsiveness

Our framework brings Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) together on the one platform. It wraps real-time machine learning, discovery, natural language search and virtual assistants into a single pane of glass for you.

ESM allows you to onboard as many departments in your organisation as you like onto one easy-to-use and maintain solution. So, all of a sudden, it's not just the IT department that shines.

UEM adds contextual security to all your modern devices (Windows and non-Windows), automates patching to meet legislative mandates, and maximises the lifespan of your IT assets. Your workforce stays productive and protected, and the cost to the business fully managed.

Why is Unified IT so crucial to the future of your IT department?

Without a Unified IT approach, your IT department is unlikely to improve its responsiveness. It will struggle to yield high customer satisfaction or operate efficiently and effectively consistently. They'll in effect remain a reactive cost centre - fighting fires within your organisation. With a Unified IT approach, they become strategic and innovative and enable the rest of the business to be agile and remain competitive. Without costing the earth.

Improve enterprise service delivery beyond IT

Modernise your self-service

Leverage a single mobile self-service platform to develop and deliver new and innovative services throughout the enterprise.

  • Replace repetitive low-value tasks with streamlined, consistent, and automated processes
  • Accelerate and improve the delivery of resources and services
  • Provide employees and customers with an engaging and transparent digital experience
  • Dramatically reduce service desk calls and improve response rates for every department
  • Develop catalogues of services for customers and staff alike
  • Deliver improved and cost-effective customer service and support using automation and voice-enabled capabilities
  • Offer modern self-service

Empower your IT and non-IT workers

Manage your teams' responsiveness, KPIs, SLAs, operating hours, workflows and notifications with Ivanti's complete and configurable platform. Scale and adapt to meet your specific business needs, by department, with the following capabilities:

  • Help Desk, Service Desk and Service Management
  • Cloud-based automation bots to provide a 24x7 virtual support team
  • Self-service real-time dashboard reporting software for strategic decision-making
  • BI Server to connect your preferred business intelligence platform directly into your SaaS instance
  • Voice automation engine with screen pops to help triage and route issues to the correct personnel and minimise resolution time
  • Deep integrations into all other Ivanti products to give you a single platform for both IT asset management and IT operations management

Achieve zero-touch user on- and off-boarding

Manage full-time, part time, casual and contract workers as they come, go, and change roles within your organisation. By utilising smart automation to process all the changes in real-time, you'll reduce business risk when off-boarding users. And your staff will become more productive with immediate access to precisely what they need to do their job, right when they need it.  

Ask how we can help you connect HR, IT support and security.

“Ivanti exposed us to technologies we hadn’t been aware of, so we took the opportunity to improve our process even further. It generated very real business benefits for us..."


Secure and modernise your digital workspace

Have half a dozen or more inventory 'single sources of truth'?

With our Unified IT approach, there’s no need to rip and replace all your tools or sources of asset data.

We can aggregate your existing data, reconcile it and provide valuable insights into what's already there. Our discovery platform layer becomes your single source of truth, and its machine learning and assistants provide you with useful recommendations. By deploying IoT sensors, you can provide a valuable and secure real-time element to help you manage your assets. And the sensors will proactively pick up problems before users even notice.

Go from reactive to proactive

You can't manage what you can't see - and that applies to both users and assets.

If IT lacks visibility, you're fighting fires. Without a full view of your assets and risks, you can't resolve issues quickly, which negatively affects cost and reliability. Ivanti's comprehensive IT asset management suite caters for all your organisation's audit and compliance needs, and a real-time view of your assets and their health at all times.

Not make news headlines for the wrong reason?

With Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management and Security Controls, you gain powerful, multi-layered protection. It automates patch management, prevents malware from running or spreading, and with remote control enabled, infected systems are isolated and remediated. These are fundamental capabilities in the modern age of contextual cybersecurity in a work-from-anywhere model.

"Ivanti Service Manager is a versatile and easily configured platform. Thanks to the expert training and guidance from Fusion5, we learned that you aren’t restricted to hardcoded out-of-the-box configurations and that you can create just about anything you want. This realisation allowed us to push ISM from being just another IT ticketing tool to a comprehensive Enterprise Service Management solution - servicing diverse departments with unique requirements, all from the same platform.”

Naomi Lutvey, Director Client Services, University of Southern Queensland

Connecting all the dots with Ivanti Unified IT

Make auditing hardware and software a breeze

With Ivanti Cloud and its range of connectors, you can see all devices and the software running on them. You can see when your software was last used and for how long.

Machine learning and smart advisors help you identify reclamation opportunities, software upgrades and warranty expires. You can see your entire fleet of assets in real-time, and ask questions in everyday English about health, security and inventory. The era of waiting days for data to synchronise or reports compiled just so you can make informed decisions are over!


Manage and plan your IT budgets better

License Optimiser takes your vendor and contract management to the next level. With in-built 'what-if' analysis tools, you can better plan your IT budgets and datacentre costs. For example, 'what-if' you convert five Oracle enterprise edition databases to SQL Server Standard edition? License Optimiser will compute your savings in milliseconds.

Ivanti Asset Manager helps you manage your asset life cycles and maintain a single source of truth system of record from procurement to disposal. You can track vendor performance and rank them in your system of record to ensure you have all the data you need for contract renewal or re-negotiation time. All defects, SLA information, and logged changes for assets under contract are all in the one place.


Thinking of outsourcing your desktop or modern workplace support?

Great news! The tools and technology needed to support users have been transformed.

Now, you can support your users by yourself. Automation, machine learning and virtual assistants ensure your employees and users get a premium in-house service that you control. Unified IT simplifies technology and uncomplicates the traditional methods that have been in circulation for decades. And you need fewer ICT support staff.

“Over the last decade, we based our partnership with Ivanti on pure IT Service Management. In 2018, they named us their APAC ITSM Partner of the Year.

Then, as a platinum partner, our vision took us on an exciting journey to implement the full Ivanti Unified IT platform in our own business, and to connect it to other existing systems to transform both our IT operations and other non-IT business functions.

Now, we're helping our customers achieve success on their very own Unified IT journeys, powered by Ivanti.”


Turn your IT department from a cost centre to a profit centre

From qualified advice, concept design, delivery, training and ongoing support – we’re here to drive organisational happiness and value and promote enthusiastic user uptake. Get in touch to set up your Free trial!

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More of Ivanti

A quick guide to Enterprise Service Management


What is Unified IT, and what does it do?

Unified IT is the long-awaited answer to the digital transformation of IT operations.

Ivanti was the first vendor to visualise and execute Unified IT to connect all the IT dots. The Ivanti platform includes IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM), and features the top four most sought after legislative security controls.


What is Unified Endpoint Management, and what does it do?

Unified Endpoint Management is an emerging concept that recommends the consolidation of agent-based client management tools.

Historically, every hardware vendor distributes its own device management software at almost zero cost or bundles it with other offerings to gain market share. This practice has left a raft of organisations with a legacy of inefficiency as they try to support and maintain multiple tools. UEM offers the ability to have a single platform to support Linux, MAC, IoT, Windows and Solaris using a just one purpose-designed tool.


What is Enterprise Service Management, and what does it do?

Enterprise Service Management describes the application of the highly efficient processes and methodologies used for IT Service Management (ITSM) or ITIL to other departments including HR, facilities, and finance.


What other departments will benefit from Enterprise Service Management?

Any department that delivers a service to customers or employees will benefit - think Human Resources, Case Management, Facilities, Fleet, Project Management, and even some aspects of Accounting or Finance.


When should you consider an Enterprise Service Management solution?

The ideal time to consider ESM is leading up to any IT self-service modernisation initiative or project.


What is the difference between IT Service Management (ITSM) & Enterprise Service Management?

ITSM is mainly used by IT teams and departments. ESM is when other departments such as HR, payroll, marketing, and facilities share the same employee self-service platform used to deal with IT issues and requests for non-IT related problems and requests. When fully implemented, ITSM is a piece of the more extensive ESM solution (it is, however, a very large, foundational part!)


What's the role of the IT department in rolling out Enterprise Service Management?

Your IT team are experienced in implementing and managing robust ITSM solutions - it's what they do. So, naturally, they're perfectly positioned to help you adopt an enterprise service model and implement your ESM software. When you adopt ESM, you enable your enterprise IT resources to apply their knowledge and skills to add more value to the business, rather than remain caretakers and administrators of outsourced solutions.

For detailed information on the full Ivanti Solution Suite, visit Ivanti.com.au. If you’d prefer to speak to one of our Ivanti experts about whether Ivanti might be a good fit for your organisation’s Unified IT needs, get in touch below.


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