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Discover the roadmap to success for your Oracle JD Edwards supported business.

Change is scary, and comes at a price - even when the final outcome is a win.

How do we optimise current performance, while preparing and moving towards a value-unlocked future? At Fusion5 we believe innovation is the vital spark that drives positive change, measurable improvement, and making potential reality. We also understand that it can be extremely difficult for businesses to take the kind of risks innovation demands, and keep 'business as usual' operations running smoothly.

Fusion5 fills that gap, using our experience to innovate solutions, modules, add-ons and technologies that meet the needs, and address the pains our customers tell us they can see on their horizon. We've tested, failed fast, re-calibrated and tested again, until we're sure that the value-unlocking innovations we present to you are proven and ready to go!

At our Innovation Symposium we want to discuss and share how you can harness the latest visionary thinking, grow and evolve the value you bring to your customers, and deliver bankable improvements to your bottom line. We have proven expertise in optimising ERP technology to meet the specific needs of our customers. Through the Innovation Symposium, we will introduce a range of innovations which will revolutionise not only how you apply and use the solution, but also how you can amplify the functionality of your JD Edwards system through strategic alliance with aligned integration partners.

Fusion5 has over 15 years' experience delivering, supporting and innovating the JD Edwards solution for customers across Australia, New Zealand and further afield. This is our third Innovation Symposium, meeting a growing interest in #JDEFORTHEFUTURE with over 100 attendees last year from a range of industries and company sizes.