JD Edwards as a Service


On-demand ERP without the need for on-premise expense

JD Edwards as a Service

De-risk and future-proof your business by moving to a robust, flexible, scalable model to operate and maintain your most important core business asset – your ERP system.


If the cost of your ERP is starting to wear thin, and you’re getting stressed about its ability to keep pace with your growth, then talk to us about the value we can add by moving you to an ‘ERP as a Service’ model.

By designing, deploying and optimising your JD Edwards solution to run on the cloud, you’ll enjoy worry-free access to a fast, always-on, scalable, secure and up-to-date system. Monthly costs become predictable, and your business isn’t burdened with costly internal resources or hardware.

From migration to continuous JDE system updates (continuous delivery), we offer reliable, trusted service and support for JD Edwards clients. With JDEaaS you’ll have all the advantages of an on-demand Tier 1 ERP which meets your business goals, without the need for on-premise expense. 

What is Continuous Delivery?

Traditionally, JD Edwards was upgraded as a 'total overhaul' when a major release was finalised, or as an 'end-of-support' date drew near.  

Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach which sees updates and enhancement releases produced in shorter life-cycles. They’re delivered more frequently, giving you greater choice and control over when you adopt newly available innovations.

It also means there's no longer any need to delay upgrades because of impending releases. 

And just as you've come to expect from your critical communications devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can consume incremental product innovations. So you’ll enhance your business performance and operations in a timely manner, without the cost and potential disruption of a major upgrade.

Why choose JDEaaS for your business?

First, your balance sheet will look a lot better. Moving to JDEaaS enables you to switch your CAPEX investment to a monthly OPEX payment that’s easier to budget for and smooths out your expenditure. And day-to-day overheads are reduced as you require fewer – if any – full time JDE specialists on your team.  

Next, you’ll always have an up-to-date solution. JDEaaS ensures your organisation is linked with the continuous delivery methodology - direct from Oracle. Your JDE solution is always current and constantly optimised, so you avoid the expense of costly 'catch up' maintenance. By incrementally updating applications, the cost, time and risk of rolling out changes is reduced. And you can schedule the updates based on your business needs and timelines.

Lastly, as we can manage JDEaaS for you, your existing IT resources are free to focus on other areas of your technology environment.

Key JDEaaS benefits at a glance

  • Lower TCO - eliminate on-premise IT costs
  • Leverage increased capacity for data storage – do more with your cloud-based data, for less
  • Reduce exposure to risk– remove reliance on internal knowledge siloes and expertise
  • JDE specific expertise – we have in-depth knowledge across every component
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based ERP – think mobility, access to enterprise data on the go, self-service for your customers, and automated, optimised workflows
  • Staffing economies - remove the need to have full-time database and application administrators, and configurable network computing experts
  • Always up to date - automated managed upgrades delivering the latest innovations
  • Scalability – as you grow, so does your solution
  • Simplified vendor management - one invoice, one phone number, one relationship
  • Increased accountability - no finger pointing between multiple vendors

Interested? Ask us for a free no-obligation assessment

Sit down with us. Talk to us about your business scenario, goals and challenges. We’re happy to provide you with an obligation-free assessment, including indicative pricing, recommendations and a customised roadmap to move your JDE solution to a subscription model.

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Fusion5 support and competence

We have over 15 years’ experience managing, deploying and supporting JD Edwards software across Australia and New Zealand. Our dedicated JDE team of over 30 people includes:

  • Principle, senior and JDE consultants
  • Service delivery managers
  • A Project Management Office lead
  • Project managers
  • Senior technical consultants (Configurable Network Computing delivery)
  • Developers
  • Practice manager

In addition to this, we have our globally recognised Digital Innovation Director and guru, Shannon Moir. Shannon is renowned in JD Edwards circles for his in-depth knowledge and creative approach to problem-solving. "Shannon's JD Edwards CNC Blog" is a rich source of insights on JDE and other complementary technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the subscription period?

The ideal subscription period for JDEaaS is between three to five years, with an option to review and adjust after two years. A horizon of this length will deliver the full benefits of the 'as a Service' model in terms of cost-savings and efficiencies gained.

What’s the starting point for the JDEaaS journey?

The first step is an upgrade to JDE E1 v9.2. Talk to us now about the full journey to JDEaaS.

What cloud platform is JDEaaS hosted on?

Our public cloud for JDEaaS is based on market-leading AWS or Microsoft Azure technologies. We can also implement JDEaaS on your private cloud.

What options do we have?

We customise your JDEaaS to meet your needs and internal capabilities. For example, you may prefer to manage the solution internally while we provide support, or hand both the management and support over to us. Or for a truly worry-free JDE environment we can provide end-to-end services like proactive maintenance and on-going solution updates.

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