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Oracle JD Edwards provides transformational business solutions to allow companies to innovate in the digital economy.


JD Edwards software combines deep functionality required by asset and stock intensive businesses to run their operations, with modern technologies needed to forge a digital strategy taking them into the future. Whether you produce, distribute, service or research as a core business, JD Edwards is for you.

JD Edwards’ breadth and depth seamlessly supports distribution and supply chain, capital asset and works management, complex manufacturing, agri-business, construction and project operations.

        -  Achieve a competitive advantage with new industry solutions 

        -  Flexibly adapt to a changing environment

        -  Have a choice of platform and deployment options

        -  Support your end-to-end operations with a single integrated ERP system

Fusion5 provides market-leading expertise, support, and services to keep your JD Edwards solution optimised.

We know our way around JD Edwards. That’s why we are the partner of choice for so many customers who realise the importance of keeping their solution not only up to date and well managed, but always improving.

How can we help you?

- Improve your solution: We invest significant amounts of time and thought into developing innovative solution enhancements to drive more value, streamline processes, deliver more insights, and improve usability - so you don’t have to! Ask us about our ready-to-go solutions, or how we can turn your ideas into game-changers for your organisation.

- Support, develop and maintain your solution: Want to develop your JD Edwards software further, do a lift and shift, or move to a fully managed model? Need strategic big-picture advice or just day-to-day support? We have dedicated, highly experienced in-house JD Edwards consultants ready to help you how and when you need it. And we take pride in our responsive approach to helping you improve or transform how you do business. 

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Take your JD Edwards software to the next level with these solution enhancements

"We have one of the largest, longest serving and the most experienced JD Edwards practices across Australia and New Zealand. With more than 100 JD Edwards customers, our team has significant experience and our service is unmatched. No-one knows JD Edwards like we do!"


Cost effectively integrate and manage your business processes with one of the most popular and trusted ERP solutions in the world.

How can JD Edwards ERP system work for you

Choose your own deployment model

Choose from a range of hybrid cloud deployment options, and move easily from on-premise to the cloud, on your own terms and timelines. 

Start small and strategic - then expand

Grow your application's footprint easily with regularly added innovative features, functionality and industry-specific solutions. 

Embrace mobility

Go mobile with over 80 native ready-to-use mobile applications.

Ensure users are productive, quickly 

Drive rapid user productivity by leveraging the UX One Alert, Analyse, Act design principles. 

Power your organisation with the Internet of Things

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s IoT Orchestrator brings your machine-to-machine internet data directly into your ERP system with ease transforming your organisation.

Drive greater value from your assets 

Maximise profitability and ROI with Asset Lifecycle Management for capital planning and budgeting, to procurement and operations, to maintenance and repairs. 

Have true flexibility at your fingertips

JD Edwards’ flexible platform allows you to support any business process, whether inside or outside the four walls of your organisation.

Provide a strong financial foundation for your company 

Account for every dollar - in every currency, in every country. Respond to changes quickly, streamline financial operations, and improve the accuracy of your financial reporting with sophisticated financial management solutions. 

Take control of project management

Proactively manage end-to-end project costs and billing with comprehensive project management applications. 

Optimise order management 

Streamline order processing and maintain visibility and control of order tracking throughout the order lifecycle with Order Management. 

Maximise manufacturing abilities 

Develop, manufacture, and distribute products in a timely fashion, use efficient processes that optimise resources, and satisfy customer expectations with comprehensive Production and Engineering capabilities. 

7 questions we're commonly asked about JD Edwards


Are you thinking about updating or enhancing your JD Edwards solution? Here's our roundup of the questions we get asked the most.

What is the current support structure for JD Edwards from Oracle?

Oracle have guaranteed ongoing support for JDE EnterpriseOne (also called JDE E1) customers on version 9.2 until at least December 2031.
Release 9.2 allows customers to access all the product innovation and enhancements (including new features/modules) which are available under Oracle's continuous delivery model. This includes over 80 updates in 2020 alone. Full details and key FAQs are here.

N.B. All releases of JDE prior to 9.2 only have Sustaining Support (a lifetime support level available for as long the support fees are paid). Under Sustaining Support, you miss out on all the new fixes, which is just one of many compelling reasons to talk to Fusion5 about upgrading to 9.2.

Is it easy to keep my JD Edwards ERP software up to date?

Yes, it is. With JDE E1 release 9.2, Oracle introduced a new continuous delivery model. Rather than big product upgrades every few years that require significant upgrade projects for the business, the JDE product team instead release monthly updates that can be rolled up into annual Tools and Application updates. This reduces the time and costs related to keeping JDE up to date and allows you to tailor a regular cadence that works for your organisation.

You can also customise and quantify your testing and training requirements by utilising ERP Insights.

What’s new with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne?

With release 9.2 (both application and tools) JDE meets the demands for a modern and simplified user experience, while seamlessly integrating with the digital technologies you need to drive digital transformations. Its innovative approach allows your company to work faster, increase productivity and ultimately achieve more with options like Orchestration, Mobility, Personalisation (UDOs) and Simplification.

Since 9.2 was released in October 2015, there have been over 100 updates to the application. You can find the latest updates here.

Can I enhance my JD Edwards software?

Yes, you can. There are many inbuilt capabilities with JDE 9.2 that allow you to improve the user experience, enable digital transformation, and modernise and simplify operations. And you get new functionality like Lease Accounting, Project Status Inquiry, Joint Venture Management and Work Order activity rules.

Plus, there are many integration options with JD Edwards that allow most external solutions to connect via APIs. Alternatively, you can look at an integration layer like Campfire.

Is it possible to empower my users with JDE?

Yes, it sure is. Oracle uses the concept of ‘citizen developer’ to help you to reduce your JDE solution TCO and technical debt.

The user experience options and user-defined objects (UDOs) enable your employees to extend and personalise JDE for more efficiency, and to enjoy a better experience without the need to change code. Items like notifications, watch lists, saved queries, form personalisation and extensions, grid formats, etc., are all ways that you can put the power of JD Edwards in the hands of those that know what’s needed from the solution, so they can streamline and automate your business processes.

Can I migrate my JDE instance to be hosted on the cloud?

Yes, you can. And on your terms. A cloud-hosted ERP system allows you to enjoy the benefits of an agile, automated cloud deployment while keeping control of your deployment options to meet unique business needs. There's no need to maintain an IT department, and the solution cost goes from being a CAPEX (capital expense) to a predictable OPEX (operating expense) that your accountant will love you for. So, you can extend your JDE solution via Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) whether it’s public or private cloud.

What is Orchestration and the Orchestrator Studio?

Orchestration in JD Edwards allows you to collect, filter, analyse and act on real-time data stored inside your JDE application or from an external source. This allows you to use the Orchestrator Studio on your main business processes to reduce human involvement, introduce automation, integrate with external systems, cloud services and devices while reducing both errors and costs.

The Studio allows someone (like a business analyst) to quickly create, test and deploy an orchestration to your JDE system within hours all by using the built-in recording functionality.


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