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An unconventional approach to People Management

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Jemini. HR & Payroll software designed with the user and the organisation in mind

Based on extensive customer research paired with our deep understanding of the operational needs of organisations, and the deliverables needed to drive positive employee engagement and performance. Fusion5’s dedicated Jemini team has developed a new solution – a holistic, end-to-end People Management system.

Jemini changes the HR landscape

Jemini is a revolutionary solution, designed for enterprise level organisations to manage, engage, train, develop, motivate, connect, reward and remunerate their people in ways not previously possible inside a single solution.

Jemini provides a new way of working, through its efficiency of design, it is not a system driven by forms and tabs. It is a truly human-focused-design.

Jemini delivers the core functionalities critical to business operations, which will strengthen their loyalty, develop their talents and new skills, and empower them.

People Management is changing

People management solutions have essentially remained unchanged since the 1980s.

The future of the workplace is changing. Being mobile and social, along with having greater connectivity through technology, means the workforce of the future is going to demand a new and different management approach. This will optimise the value of their input, and realise greater benefits.

Fusion5 has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the Human Capital Management field over the past 15 years.

We provide software to manage the needs of businesses and their employees, to successfully deliver large scale pay runs on behalf of private and government customers on a reliable and regular basis.

We understand the challenges business face when it comes to keeping your most valuable assets happy, challenged, supported and engaged.


Jemini is the quantum leap forward in People Management for businesses that are genuinely focused on their peoples’ wellbeing.

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