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Streamline project management with Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an incredibly powerful web-based collaboration platform which delivers very real business value. While best known for its document management and storage capabilities, SharePoint has an almost endless capacity for configuration to meet the wide-ranging needs of most organisations.

SharePoint is available to you through your Office 365 subscription. It’s probably the Office 365 product most frequently integrated with Dynamics 365, and for good reason.

Our SharePoint team can help you realise the value you deserve from your SharePoint platform. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner for Collaboration and Content, and our dedicated, award- winning team is highly experienced in delivering successful SharePoint projects. We create visually engaging intranets and extranets which deliver a great user experience.

Get the most out of SharePoint

We can help you use your SharePoint platform to:

  • Manage documents – save, file, share, retrieve, archive and retire documents
  • Find information – simplify and refine the search process, save favourite searches
  • Communicate with staff – slash email noise with centralised business and social messaging
  • Collaborate with colleagues – share content and control versions
  • Provide secure access to content for customers and partners – improve business relationships with 24/7 information on-demand
  • Automate business processes – replace manual tasks with intelligent workflows
  • Create project and team workspaces – provide dedicated sites to streamline collaboration

What’s different about a Fusion5 SharePoint site?

Our sites don’t only look good, they work.

We structure sites that allow your users to quickly find the information that’s important to them, and provide collaboration areas. We configure the document sharing, retrieval, archiving and disposal rules to meet your internal and external compliance policies, and implement automated workflows to streamline their management.

From guidance, concept and design, through to delivery, training and rollout, and ongoing support and advice - everything we do is aimed at driving user uptake. So, you get more out of SharePoint, and more out of your people.


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