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Streamline business operations with a combined enterprise resource planning (ERP) & customer relationship management (CRM) software


Fusion5 is the largest 5-Star NetSuite Partner in Australia providing full-featured cloud ERP software solutions.

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Change your performance with NetSuite

Make better, more timely decisions

Gain deeper insights into your business-critical operations and processes with real-time 360⁰ visibility and one version of the truth.

Improve business agility

Easily incorporate new processes and adopt new business models, support innovation, new products and lines of business with NetSuite’s flexible, agile cloud technology.

Reduce time to close financial books

Increase financial close efficiency and reduce back-office costs through the seamless coupling of core finance and accounting functions with strong compliance management. Quickly resolve delays and generate compliant statements and disclosures through real-time access to live financial data.

“While our transaction volume has gone up around 500 percent, our staff levels are basically the same. If we hadn't moved to NetSuite, we would have needed to bring on board at least another couple of people. We also made some real gains in processing time."


Change for your pocket

Never pay upgrade costs again

Enjoy automatic upgrades supported by seamless migration. And grow at your speed with a modular system that grows with you!

Dramatically reduce your TCO

Rationalise your IT resource and support costs, and avoid significant CAPEX outlay. There’s no need to purchase and maintain costly servers with a true Cloud solution.

Improve inventory planning

Make the right decisions and increase on-time delivery metrics with advanced inventory management and demand planning techniques. Gain unprecedented control over your supply chain.

Change for your people

Support a mobile workforce

Anywhere, anytime access via iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Connect finance, sales, service and fulfilment

Join the dots with an end-to-end solution which shares real-time data and optimises processes by integrating every core business application.

Personalise your solution

Support your people so they can be more productive - more quickly - with role-based dashboards, favourite tasks and more.

One size does not fit all. Learn how we can tailor NetSuite for your business.

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Some common questions we’re asked about NetSuite


What is NetSuite ERP software used for?

Businesses use NetSuite to run their operations key financial processes including accounting, inventory management and supply chain to account and order management. NetSuite also enables e-commerce, supports omnichannel retail activities, helps you maintain and develop customer relationships (CRM), manages end-to-end manufacturing processes, and service resource planning (SRP).  

Is NetSuite a SaaS?

Yes, NetSuite is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP. SaaS software (sometimes called on-demand software) uses a subscription model for software licensing and delivery.

How does NetSuite help reduce back-office costs and overheads?

According to Nucleus Research, moving your business from a technology environment which uses disparate legacy and custom accounting systems to NetSuite’s central accounting system, can speed up your financial close times by 20%-50%. And when you automate those manual, repetitive and often low-return business processes, you can make better use of your resources, and improve their productivity. With streamlined processes, you can grow and handle more work just as efficiently without adding further employees. So your administrative and operational costs go down.   

How does NetSuite software improve inventory management planning?

NetSuite’s Advanced Inventory Management tracks items, ingredients and parts across their acquisition, age and sale (for products like perishable goods). It provides real-time insights into stock levels and re-order point tracking; issues hands-free alerts when inventory is running too low or too high; tracks assets and the cost of service materials; includes product and inventory identification; automates demand forecasting; and reports on your top inventory management metrics.

With complete clarity of all stock and orders, it’s easier to manage and optimise your entire supply chain.

Does NetSuite ERP provide accounting software?

Yes, NetSuite ERP includes accounting as one of its core business processes.

Is NetSuite customisable to meet specific business needs?

Regarded as one of the world’s most tailored and scalable ERPs, NetSuite has built over 20 years of implementation into their platform that allows you to start with the modules you need for your industry and then develop it as your company develops. Intuitive software that allows for user control to meet your business processes and desired best practices.


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