Flexible. Easy to use. Endlessly configurable.

Pivotal Software for specialist CRM solutions

"Our success in harnessing Pivotal's flexibility to suit specific industry needs was instrumental in seeing us named worldwide as Avolin’s Partner of the Year for both 2016, 2017 and 2018."


Support your organisation's evolving business processes with a highly flexible enterprise solution.

Do you need a solution that transcends the concept of traditional CRM to unite your organisation and your customer sales and services?

Pivotal has the enterprise functional breadth to traverse sales, service, operational and marketing automation to build, grow and drive your organisation up to the next level.

Make a Pivotal decision for your business

With Pivotal your people can work more effectively and generate improved revenues and margins. And when you have the fingertip ability to analyse every customer lifecycle you can drive and nurture profitable relationships with strategically targeted campaigns.

Pivotal's full continuum of services is affordable, and easy to use and configure to any business in any industry.

The backbone of strong industry solutions

Fusion5 has leveraged Pivotal's flexibility to develop industry-specific solutions for grant management, student management, membership management, and medical specialist training. 

How can Pivotal solution work for your business

Automate your Business Processes

Shorten your service or sales cycle and hit your operational performance metrics with time-saving tools and repeatable and automated processes aligned to your unique business. Give your people the tools they need to focus their efforts and maximise their time while empowering managers to oversee the business operations.

Put people at the centre of your business

Put customers and leads at the centre of your business processes. Map relationships between business workflows, compliance criteria and operational processes in a customer-centric way – bringing a new dimension to CRM management. 

Create collaborative partnerships

Make your organisation easier to do business with. You and your partners will have the tools to exchange knowledge, manage relationships, and synchronise transactions across marketing, sales, and service.

Keep your tried and tested competitive edge in a consolidated system

Enhance and mirror your unique business processes without changing them. Pivotal's technology allows you to create the internal systems and external customer experiences that fit your strategy and vision. 

Consolidate your systems

Unite your unique information from multiple databases and systems across the business into a centralised application that maps into your unique workflows. Experience a new level of real-time accessibility and visibility.

Deliver outstanding customer service

Lay the foundation for future success by giving your customers responsive, thoughtful and personalised customer service. Capture, manage, and resolve customer service and support requests, without losing sight of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Become more agile

Give your employees access to customer data wherever they are, whether it's on-site at a client or partner office, on a plane, at home, or in a hotel room.

By making Pivotal available via laptops and mobile devices you can turn downtime into productive time.

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