Accelerate your supply chain. Access enterprise data. Mobilise!

"Our customers realise significant improvements in their warehouse and staff productivity."

Kurt Pretorius, Mobility Solutions Manager, Fusion5

Improve the productivity of your operations with RFgen

Reduce supply chain management costs, optimise stock and asset management, increase accuracy and efficiency, and improve the productivity of your operations with RFgen Warehousing and Mobility software.

Using wireless technologies, tags, and barcodes, RFgen allows you to capture stock and asset information from mobile devices in real-time, and use it productively in your warehouses, shop floors, and across sales and service teams.

Seamless ERP integration

RFgen comes ready-integrated with most ERP applications including JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Ventyx Ellipse, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP Business One, and Deltek Costpoint.

You’ll appreciate seamless configuration at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions.

And, your people will love having real-time access to your enterprise data to simplify business operations and drastically improve productivity. 

Mobilise your supply chain

RFgen has standard mobile applications available out-of-the-box. Just install the software and get going! Use RFgen on any mobile device including Android, Windows, and Apple iOS, or direct from your desktop.

Get smarter and faster

Enable RFgen voice technologies in your warehouse or the field for a significant jump in speed, accuracy, and safety. Implement RFID tagging for efficient assets or stock management, transacting directly in your back-end ERP. And you can quickly add new functionality to existing applications or create entirely new transactions with RFgen's Open environments.

Unleash the power of your warehouse and distribution centres when you connect your mobile devices to your back-end system.

What do you want to do?

Maximise your system accuracy?

Reduce manual error rates for stock management to under 0.001% when you enable real-time stock visibility throughout your organisation.

Realise significant productivity and efficiency gains?

Voice-enable your warehouse and incorporate hands-free, eyes-free operations through scanning technologies for a 20%+ gain in staff productivity. 

Achieve up to 60% greater efficiency in your warehouse or shop floor with inventory tracking and boost accuracy by as much as 40% over paper-based processes.

Cut inventory carrying costs by up to 25% of inventory value.

Get true value for money?

Have confidence that you've achieved the lowest TCO. Automate your inventory control processes and optimise your solution optimised with a combination of a state-of-the-art technology framework, streamlined workfl­ows using pre-existing templates and our extensive industry expertise.

Cut employee time costs?

Enable users to operate in a hands-free and eyes-free mode in your warehouse or the field with RFgen's mobile applications like mobile sales and field service. Generate increased productivity, improve safety and save over 50% on the cost of your staff time.

Stay productive, around the clock?

Keep your operations running 24/7, even when your ERP system is unavailable.


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