Marketing Automation

Market smarter. Personalise experiences. Drive engagement.

Automate your marketing systems AND deliver a completely personalised customer experience

"Of the 20 percent of leads that sales reps follow up on, 70 percent are not qualified."


Equip your marketers with best-in-class lead and campaign management tools. Engage the right audience at the right time, and enjoy real-time reporting and insights.

How can you plan and execute automated marketing campaigns while still delivering a completely personalised customer experience?

By using your customers’ Digital Body Language.

Use automated marketing systems to maximise the value of your data, improve every customer engagement and precisely measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

Personalise your customer experiences

Fine-tune and personalise every customer experience to increase engagement, advocacy - and revenue. You can target your prospects with the right messaging at the right point in their buyer’s journey.  

The advantage of real-time, accessible data

Automate your marketing responses based on actual levels of audience engagement. Free up valuable business time to focus on other, more strategic efforts, so your sales team can close more deals at a faster rate. You can also benchmark yourself against your peers. Game on. 

Fusion5 support marketing automation solutions for Oracle and Microsoft.

What do you want to do?

Gain real-time insight into your customers’ wants and needs?

View online prospect behaviour so you can understand how they engage with your brand. Track how prospects and customers respond to emails, web pages, forms and campaigns. And monitor downloads, web events, and video interactions.

Run targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns?

Create targeted campaigns based on demographic, account and behavioural data. The simple drag and drop interface has you building and executing effective campaigns quickly and easily. Investigate results in real time, and make continuous improvements during the life of the campaign.

Make rapid gains with lead scoring and lead nurturing?

Develop a lead-scoring and nurturing strategy that drives your conversion rates. With a two-dimensional lead score - that factors in both profile data and engagement level – automatically pull out and pass high-value leads to your sales team, while continuing to nurture other leads.

Analyse campaign effectiveness?

Instantly see the value of your marketing efforts, so you can adjust and fine-tune your strategies. Dozens of work-ready, pre-built dashboards and reports make analysing and sharing your campaigns and their outcomes simple.


Great outcomes start with great conversations.