Oracle Service Cloud

Understand needs. Solve problems. Delight customers.

"Results over the 2011-2013 period have shown a 56% reduction in phone calls - that’s 72,000 fewer calls over that time!"

Hilton Lloyd, Team Leader CRM Services (Shared Application Services), University of Auckland

Turn up the heat on customer experience with Oracle Service Cloud. Supercharge your contact centre with unified data, contextual knowledge, online self-service, live chat, phone, email and social interaction channels.

Superior customer satisfaction through Oracle Service Cloud

After investing so much in winning your customers, why would you risk losing them?

If a bad experience takes place, 79% of customers will tell others about it. And yet a great experience - in particular, outstanding experience - is the #1 reason to recommend a company. (Harris Interactive Study)

With Oracle Service Cloud you'll get talked about. In a good way.

Fusion5 have the largest Oracle Service Cloud team across Australia and New Zealand. As an Oracle Platinum Partner and Authorised Reseller we offer a comprehensive mix of contact centre, customer experience consulting and services to deliver great business outcomes for our customers.

Differentiate your brand

Oracle Service Cloud brings web and mobile self-service, cross-channel contact and knowledge management under one easy-to-use solution.

It gives you the power to develop lasting, profitable relationships from your customer’s web, social, and contact centre experiences.

Create the perfect contact centre experience

The contact centre experience is crucial to business success.

Today’s always-connected customers generally prefer using the internet to research and purchase products and services. So direct communication with your contact centre may only occur when there’s a problem. And while this is the time and place to create repeat custom, the potential reach and damage of negative feedback through social media channels is enormous.

Provide a seamless customer experience

Oracle’s Customer Experience Cloud consistently delivers a personalised, seamless, cross-channel service to your customers. By unifying customer data, contextual knowledge, online self-service, live chat, phone, email and social interaction channels, you have complete end-to-end management of the customer experience at your fingertips.

Live chat and engagement

Oracle Service Chat Cloud creates the perfect environment to improve first-contact resolution rates, increase agent productivity and drive customer satisfaction. 

Use Live Chat to engage with your customers and business partners and reduce your call centre costs by up to 80%, while increasing agent productivity and first contact resolution. Slash shopping cart abandonment levels, and drive up sales conversion rates - all while making your customers happier than ever.

Knowledge management

Let your customers and staff find answers quickly and easily online, from any device with the Oracle Service Cloud self-learning knowledge base and customer web portal.

With your products and services online 24/7 you'll improve customer interaction and significantly reduce enquiries and calls to your business. And your customer-facing and sales staff will always have relevant, up-to-date promotional, product and service information right at hand.

Email management

Increase customer service productivity while reducing inbound email volumes by switching to Oracle Service Cloud Email Management.

Smart content software deflects the most relevant emails to your customer service staff and sends prepared auto-responses to deal with commonly asked questions. This alone can reduce inbound emails by 30%.

You'll keep ahead of your email queues with response tracking, automated answers from your knowledge base, and the identification and escalation of sensitive and urgent e-mails. Your agents and your customers will thank you for it.

Fusion5 have the largest Oracle Service Cloud team across Australia and New Zealand.

What do you want to do?

Reduce call and email agent handling times? 

Manage the timely resolution of customer inquiries across email, phone, live chat, and social channels. Declutter your agent’s desktop to provide them with customer context, previous interactions and other helpful data.

Minimise agent training time? 

Guide your agents to resolution through knowledge, scripts and workflows, which ensure productivity and consistency. Tailor your customers’ experiences with a personalised service using dynamic interviews created by business experts.

Provide perfectly tailored customer service? 

Deliver the most relevant answers to customers with SmartAssistant Wizard, and leverage contextual knowledge to deliver agent knowledge based on incident information. Personalise proactive communications using valuable customer data from deep service profiles.

Provide key metrics to measure and analyse performance? 

Deliver accurate, reliable service with analytics and reporting that give you the customer insights you need and outlines the next steps.

Create a collaborative workplace? 

Use Service Cloud’s context-aware, peer-to-peer collaboration for instant communication. Give your team more work independence and knowledge sharing. Broadcast important information instantly to the entire field.

Improve agent productivity? 

Search across multiple knowledge repositories simultaneously, regardless of location.

Increase sales conversion rates and average order size?

Let your customer service agents interact with customers directly. They can proactively guide people to the best outcomes, as well as fast track the sales process by answering questions while customers browse products and services – in real-time.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment?

Identify and instantly engage with at-risk buyers to overcome obstacles and continue the sales process.

Increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty?

Provide personalised and immediate interactions across multiple devices from PCs to smartphones. Customers are kept informed of their place in the queue, the average wait time for the queue, and their individual expected wait time.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency?

Reduce call centre costs by handling multiple chats and increasing agent productivity and first contact resolution. Drive revenue through cross-selling, up-selling and providing guidance for online purchases.

Make your customers happy? 

Coordinate every customer’s engagement history, regardless of channel, so your contact centre response is always accurate and consistent. Give your customers the freedom to choose the communication experience they want - online and digital, self-service, social media, email, live chat or phone.

Personalise every customer experience?

Increase customer buy-in, advocacy and revenue by intelligently engaging across all available digital channels. It’s a solution that marketers love and IT teams trust.

Improve your first-time resolution rate?

Give your contact team the processes, tools, resources and intelligence they need to provide great customer service. Quickly answer queries, abbreviate call handling time and information accuracy is improved.

Provide self-service facilities?

Let your customers get the answers they need wherever and whenever suits them. Develop online communities where knowledgeable customers provide answers to others. And because you can make commonly requested information easily available, you also free up your agents to support genuine sales or support queries.

Increase the skills of your sales team?

Provide key metrics to measure and analyse agent and solution performance. Use smartphone apps, prebuilt reports, accurate customer data and integrated communications for sharing, coaching and team selling to improve your team’s ability to upsell and cross-sell your products and services. Train new people quickly - frontline staff are up to speed in days, not weeks.

Make the first response the best response?

Efficiently manage incoming emails and e-forms using clever automation to route inquiries to the right agent, based on their availability and skill.

See your communications in real-time?

Gain full visibility of your email volumes, queues and SLA response times through real-time reporting and business insight-at-a-glance dashboard technology.

Pinpoint trends and opportunities as they happen?

Use Email Management to easily monitor and engage in relevant customer conversations as they emerge on Twitter, YouTube, RSS-enabled sites, and Facebook pages.

Take control of email traffic?

Transform high email volumes from a challenge and a disruption into insightful interaction opportunities.

Be fully operational in 3 weeks?

You'll be making the most of your deployment from Day One with our quick-start pack including customer portal, setup of one user profile, navigation set, custom workspace and response templates.

"Oracle Service Cloud’s flexible features and integration capability enable us to seamlessly bridge a disparate knowledge base into a single platform. We have reduced our average call handling time per query, gained the ability to respond faster to business needs, and enhanced our customer experience."

Mike Hales, Digital Service Manager, Vodafone New Zealand Ltd


Great outcomes start with great conversations.