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Mobile innovation can take your business anywhere

While mobility itself is not new, the drive for enterprise mobility is. And it is gaining some serious traction.

The role of enterprise mobility is to keep you and your team productive while on the move. So no matter where you are, you can contribute to making faster and more accurate business decisions.

Enterprise mobility allows users to engage with bite sized pieces of functionality. This might be by using an app to approve a purchase order more quickly. Or it could be a field-based work order solution which accurately and quickly measures data for downstream big data analysis.

Extending enterprise mobility

Fusion5 uses modern and flexible development frameworks to ensure that your mobile applications are robust, and that your mobile devices can be easily and quickly updated with new operating systems.

However, we don’t just provide solutions for mobile devices; we take enterprise mobility much further.

As an example, we’re working with one customer to add value to the information collected by the beacons that they use to deliver information to mobile devices. Using proximity technologies, these beacons detect human presence and behaviour and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalised experiences. Our solution ensures that the photos, voice, video and GPS coordinates captured by their mobile devices are seamlessly integrated into their backend solutions.

Microservice methodology

We use an open ‘microservice’ focussed development methodology across all of our offerings, including mobility. So, whether you’re consuming data from an integration layer or a mobile device, we are exposing the same information in the same way. We maintain master data relationships and strengthen your single sources of truth.

Fusion5 has already built highly successful applications, ranging from supporting field sales teams to booking tennis courts. We have the proven knowledge, experience and capability to help you design and implement innovative and productive enterprise mobility solutions.

We don’t just stop at the application either, we ensure that we measure engagement and feed this engagement back to you – to ensure that the application continues to provide business benefits.

We’ve written hooks into the latest Google Assistant code to enable you to list an approve your work orders without touching a keyboard!

Our apps simplify, empower, streamline, analyse and enable - beautifully.

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