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Take control. Go error-free. Make it easy.

Built in the cloud, TimeFiler is a smart and comprehensive time management application for medium-large entities.

TimeFiler making time management easy 

Would you like to take control of your time and attendance? With no paper, no re-keying and fewer errors?

TimeFiler is a smart, time management system. No matter what industry you are in, it simplifies managing your employees’ time.

Make time management easy and error-free

Purpose-designed from the outset as a web application for corporate customers, TimeFiler is continually updated to meet the ever-changing needs of your users and the devices and browsers they prefer to use.

TimeFiler quickly integrates with your existing payroll, rosters and other business applications.

What do you want to do?

Let your staff do their timesheets online?

Using an easily downloadable app, your staff can enter their time from anywhere, on any device, even from their iPhone or android device. TimeFiler is compatible with major internet browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Make the timesheet process easier for your staff?

Timesheets are a breeze with TimeFiler. Easily configure forms to best suit the people using them. Users are cleverly guided to enter their data so it’s right, first time and every time.

Make it easier for your managers to manage people and rosters?

Provide managers with full visibility, from almost any device, of staff leave, projected overtime expenses, excessive hours and anything else they should be aware of. And most importantly, the total cost of a particular roster is clear and easy to see.

Eliminate paper forms and manual payroll processing?

There’s no need to produce or process paper forms or to manually enter or reconcile their hours. Your staff enter their time online, and the data directly enters your payroll system. 

Get rid of errors on timesheets?

Get rid of user errors. A unique real-time rules engine cleverly stops staff from making mistakes, eliminating confusing errors which have to be fixed post-payroll.

Give employees visibility of their pay? 

Automatically and instantaneously calculate wages or salaries on your employee’s timesheet. They can see the actual calculation was made, and any unexpected discrepancies from the norm are highlighted right away – in real-time!

Move to the cloud?

TimeFiler can be delivered by Cloud5 – Fusion5’s Infrastructure as a Service solution. Cloud5 offers hassle-free, flexible and cost-effective hosting.


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