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Introducing Ivanti IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Ivanti IT Asset Management is a suite of solutions that address the business needs of any organisation seeking to increase their ITAM maturity.


Get a clear view of your IT assets

The very first step of ITAM is to get an accurate view of all your IT assets. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But the reality is that you have at least six different sources of truth. These include your finance system (procurement process), Windows tools (SCCM and Intune), cloud consoles (AWS and Azure), mobile device management tools (AirWatch, JAMF Pro), network discovery tools, monitoring tools (SCOM and SolarWinds), assets in stockrooms or storage (spreadsheets) and your ITSM tool (CMDB).

A certain level of intelligence is required to gather all this information in one place and normalise it. We call this capability Asset Intelligence, and it’s the first step of a robust IT asset management framework. (And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Ivanti’s new ITAM platform also has virtual assistants and smart advisors which use industry best practices to help you make sense of all the data you collate!).

Minimise the danger (and cost) of over-licensing

If you don’t know what software and licenses you have, and who needs and uses what, then it’s easy to oversubscribe.

Buying full licenses per staff member may seem like a simple, blanket approach to ensure your people have what they need to work. Over-licensing is also a side effect of software license audits. So many organisations fear audits that they’d rather budget for and over-purchase licenses year-on-year than quantifying what they need and use. This isn’t an economic or rational approach, especially in an era where everyone’s trying to do more with less.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are cost-effective ways to tackle these problems. Fusion5 can help you understand your software usage and make sense of the contracts you have with all your software vendors.

Gain control of your assets with the Ivanti ITAM suite of solutions

Ivanti Cloud

  • Discovery: Continuously discover all assets that connect to your networks and handle unknown devices immediately.
  • Real-time intelligence: Reach all company issued and connected devices to flag and fix issues before a user logs a ticket.
  • Definitive Software Library: Automate the normalising of lengthy lists of software titles you have installed.
  • Software usage: Instant identification of unused licensable software, so you can reclaim those licenses to use where needed instead of purchasing more.

Ivanti Asset Manager

  • Asset life-cycle management: Comply with government regulations and fly through audit enquiries with seamless tracking of your IT assets from procurement to disposal.
  • Product catalogue: Provide approved and supported assets to all users to minimise procurement decisions that don’t meet your corporate policies.
  • Stock level management: Gain real-time awareness of all assets in stock and in the field to avoid duplicate or unnecessary purchases.
  • Software asset management: Be software audit-ready at the drop of a hat with visibility of what you have, and when it was last used.
  • Hardware asset management: Know who your assets are assigned to at all times and have access to real-time manufacturer warranty information.
  • CMDB: Consolidate the financial and service support history (incidents, problems, and changes) of your assets in the one system; a single source of truth.
  • Contract and vendor management: Manage and rate your vendors and their contract life-cycles in one place.

Ivanti License Optimiser

  • Simplify: Provide CFOs and procurement offices with a web-based platform for ongoing management of software license contracts and renewals.
  • Consolidate: Use ‘what-if’ modelling to right-size your licence commitments.
  • Optimise: Drive down datacentre costs.
  • Track: Manage complex license entitlements for applications, including SAP, Oracle, and IBM.


Did you know that ITAM + security go hand in hand?

How can you secure something if you can’t see or manage it? And if it’s not on your work network, can you reach it? And is it still protected?

These are just a few of the questions we can help you answer, and we can do it from a position of knowledge and confidence. Why? Because we use Ivanti ITAM to protect our 500+ employees and we help many other organisations do the same.

“As COVID-19 restrictions began rolling out, and the possibility of extended work-from-home became realised, we were faced with the problem of being unable to manage our devices as they began leaving campus. With Fusion5’s expertise we were able to expedite an installation of Ivanti Endpoint Manager allowing us to monitor, patch and deploy software to our fleet, no matter where in the world the devices went.”


All roads lead to ITAM (not Rome)

IT Asset Management software is relevant to all organisations regardless of which specific branch of IT is dominant. There are at least five factions of IT that ultimately depend on accurate asset information. In addition, compliance, governance, legislation, and audit requirements are a way of life when managing your IT assets.

If you think it’s time to have a serious look at your ITAM maturity, we’re here to help.

Your Ivanti IT Asset Management partner

What processes and technologies are you using for ITAM? Fusion5 has a wealth of experience in helping all sizes of organisations modernise their approach to achieving this critical IT function.

More of Ivanti

IT Asset Management FAQ

What are the business benefits of IT Asset Management software?

What ITIL is to ITSM, IAITAM is to ITAM.

Ivanti IT Asset Management solutions come with pre-configured processes based on the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) recommendations. There’s a different interface tor every role in the organisation that needs an individual to view and interact with asset information and Unified IT.


What is the primary function of IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

There two functions.The first is managing the assets themselves, preferably in real-time. You can’t manage what you can’t see, so you risk making inaccurate and often overly costly decisions.

Second is process governance. You need the ability to track and account for every single IT asset (no matter how small) from procurement to disposal - essential for auditing purposes.

What are the common business practices of Hardware Asset Management (HAM)?

It’s a common practice to have tools such as SCCM and Intune in every organisation, as those tools often come bundled into a commercial agreement. However, it’s not best practice to rely solely on such tools for all asset management needs. These tools only provide a partial view of your assets and heavily focus on Microsoft devices. At an enterprise level, where asset management is very complex, organisations should consider a device-agnostic unified endpoint management solution.

What are the risks of unsecured software?

There are many risks! The most detrimental to your organisation are security and contract compliance risks as they have direct monetary penalties if an audit detects that you are non-compliant.

How does ITAM help reduce IT costs and overheads?

Put simply, if your IT support personnel need to log into several tools to establish the true state of an asset that one of your users is reporting an issue with, it takes time and money to sort out.

With a single reliable single source of truth at their fingertips, your IT support team can improve their services. With issues resolved more quickly, your users can return to their productive tasks sooner and continue to generate revenue.

What is the role of automation in IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

Some of the most labour intensive (and highly repetitive) asset-related requests are on- and off-boarding, patching, cloud provisioning and software distribution. Yet with the right technology, you can automate all these tasks to the extent where they are zero-touch. You reduce the opportunity for human error and free up your resources to work on more valuable business initiatives and projects.

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