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Put your IT tasks into cruise control! Free up your resources, reduce errors and costs, and say goodbye to compliance risks.  

Introducing Ivanti IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Ivanti IT Operations Management is the third branch of Ivanti Unified IT (ITSM and ITAM are the other two). ITOM is a large branch of Unified IT and includes dozens of areas (cybersecurity being one of the most significant) and frameworks.

Ivanti ITOM security and patching solutions help you take control of and strengthen your security posture using the minimum amount of resources or time. So, you can adapt with speed and agility to the ever-changing landscape threats and vulnerabilities.


Why is patch management so important to your business?

Increasingly strict mandates from governments and legislative entities mean you must take your cybersecurity seriously and implement measurable controls. Even insurance won't protect you from the crippling financial penalties of non-compliance.

Cybercriminals use two variables to plot an attack against you. The first is the attack surface (how many entry points are available to exploit) and the second is the attack window (how long an identified vulnerability is available before your security team shuts it down).

Ivanti ITOM patch management minimises the attack window for a fraction of the cost of manual intervention.

Hand on heart, would your organisation survive a zero-day attack?

Zero-day attacks focus on unpatched vulnerabilities and occur before your security teams can act. While anti-virus and anti-malware applications are great beyond zero-day, before and during - you're unprotected.

Application whitelisting is the most recommended security control to minimise the attack surface on your company issues assets and devices. However, it’s typically an expensive, labour intensive discipline to implement and maintain.

Through cost-effective, intelligent, real-time automation Ivanti ITOM safeguards your business day in, day out.


Will IT be able to support you during a growth period? Will they be able to scale?

When organisations grow organically, they need the capability to hire more people, take new services to market, and replicate what made them successful to start with. But how do you do this more quickly and responsively than ever before without increasing your ICT headcount or rethinking your ICT strategy?

Unified IT (the umbrella solution for ITOM) enables you to automate nearly everything without affecting your ICT resources. So, you can circumvent mistakes, control user access, provide timely responses, keep employee productivity high and sharpen your competitive edge.

Gain control of your workspace management and security with the Ivanti ITOM suite of solutions

Ivanti Cloud

  • Patch Intelligence: Automatically map any vendor security patch across your inventory in milliseconds to inform you of your exposure and risk in real-time.
  • Assistants: Enjoy next generation monitoring capability built on IoT. Sensors on IT assets can continuously look for and identify anomalies and then act!
  • Remote control: Isolate and repair vulnerable machines over pure internet via secured video streaming.


Ivanti Patch for SCCM

  • SCCM maturity: Increase your Microsoft SCCM maturity by patching non-Microsoft applications from within the Microsoft SCCM console. This is a must-have if you love SCCM and wish to apply the consistent patching disciplines and timelines to your non-Microsoft applications.


Ivanti Application Control

  • Application whitelisting: Reduce your security risk significantly with this revolutionary approach which uses patented technology to slash the manual labour required to maintain your organisation's approved applications (also known as application whitelist).


Ivanti Privileges Management

  • Safety begins at home: Counter those dangerous internal security threats that can severely impact your operations and reputation. Contain the impact of disgruntled employees, honest mistakes and unintentional negligence using this simple addition to your security controls.

Ivanti Patch Manager

  • Patch automation: Previously known as Shavlik, this Ivanti solution provides an innovative approach to patch automation and allows security-centric organisations flexibility when patching datacentres and asset fleets. Popular labour saving options include agentless server patching and via scheduled runbooks.


Ivanti Endpoint Manager

  • A true unified endpoint management solution: Secure, patch, and deploy authorised software and image windows, iOS, Android, Unix, and Linux devices.


Ivanti Performance Manager

  • Drive value: Performance Manager is an easy-to-use tool designed to extract maximum value from your hardware and virtual investments, by prolonging their lifespan.
  • Maximise performance: Your IT Ops will have fine-grain controls over your virtual desktops and can maximise the number and performance of Citrix and VMware user sessions. Your employees won't have to click and wait for screens to open or applications to load, directly improve their productivity.


Ivanti Environment Manager

  • Real-time user desktop management: A great alternative to using group policies to push out changes, this tool allows your IT Ops to make a policy change on the spot and see it applied instantly. No need for users to log out/login to receive the group policy changes.
  • Protect against vulnerabilities: Take immediate action against newly detected vulnerabilities.
  • Manage digital kiosks: Lockdown OS features and options available to kiosk users (for example, at airport check-in kiosks) to help guide them through an interaction or session effectively and securely.

"Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM) is a simple, versatile and advanced solution that allows us to support, patch and audit our end point user devices in any location. Integrating EPM into Ivanti Server Manager gives us the flexibility to links incidents and problem tickets to user devices whilst also simplifying our change and service request delivery for the company whilst following ITIL standards."

Justin Wysiecki, Chief Information Officer for Tutt Bryant Group Limited

Now, would you like an 'assistant' with that?

 Is your IT team struggling with the demand to supply services and support? Do they wish they could create clones of themselves just to keep up?

Ivanti ITOM provides machine learning, so your IT personnel no longer have to stress over merely keeping up with the volume of requests. They can create and train numerous assistants to monitor and resolve anomalies. With a team of virtual assistants at the ready, your IT team can do more, remain focused and productive, and generate revenue for your organisation

Ivanti ITOM virtual assistants

More of Ivanti

A guide to IT Operations Management


What is the primary function of IT Operations Management (ITOM)?

IT Ops for short is the collection of all IT and security tasks that are meant to ensure you achieve status quo. They enable your organisation to operate in a state of business-as-usual, also known as keeping the lights on.

What are the common IT Ops challenges?

The number one challenge is budgeting, followed by efficiency. It's critical to secure enough resources to achieve the status quo and support the evolution of each business. IT Ops teams are often understaffed and have high turnover due to the frantic workloads. For some organisations, budgets aren't a problem, and in those situations, the real challenges are operational inefficiency and inconsistent results.

What is a security posture?

A security posture refers to your organisation's overall cybersecurity strength, and how well you can prevent and respond to cyber-attacks on your business applications, software, hardware assets, networks, services, and information. Your security posture should also take into consideration the nature of your core business and where most of your revenue is generated. It is a sliding scale from MAXIMUM PROTECTION (lockdown) on one end of the scale, to USER PRODUCTIVITY at the other. The correct posture for your organisation is somewhere in between.

How can I improve my security posture?

There are many recommendations, risk assessments, governing bodies, and subject matter experts out there. Our advice is to select a business partner who knows this space, uses automated protection technology within their organisation, understands the Microsoft world and can work with your security teams on the various protocols of computing and the internet. 

What is the role of automation in IT Operation Management (ITOM)?

Automation has a huge role to play in IT Ops as it addresses the top two challenges of managing budgets and addressing inefficiencies. It enables organisations to do more with less and simultaneously reduce risk and human error.

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