Membership Management System


Grow membership. Unite data. Manage members' lifecycles.

"Member360 is unique in the market. It provides unions, professional associations etc with a core digital platform which lets them really engage with their members, and proactively advance their career objectives."


Service and grow membership with an integrated system which unites your data and manages the full member lifecycle.

Membership Management System

Your members are the lifeblood of your organisation. 

Attracting new members is just one aspect of your growth strategy. You are also committed to nurturing prospective members, maintaining relationships with past members, supporting existing member services and evolving exciting new ones.

Member360 provides you with a core system designed to service and grow the membership of your professional organisation. 

Powerful membership management

Specifically developed for the Australian market, Member360 is an integrated membership management system.

It brings your systems together to create a single source of data truth for all your members, stakeholders and prospects. You can create web portals, share information and integrate with eCommerce and website solutions. 

Member360 will streamline your processes and reduce administrative overheads, while providing valuable real-time operational and performance insights across your entire organisation.

What do you want to do?

Make recruitment easy?

Keep your recruitment team informed, dynamic and creative with pipeline management, quotas and analytics.

Understand what makes your members tick?

Analyse your members' interests and specialities and engage in conversations that are relevant and useful. Use features like flexible categorisation, segmentation by demographics and membership type, to engage across traditional, email and social media platforms.

Manage member information and relationships?

Store member and stakeholder interaction information in one integrated solution. Give your engagement, growth and membership teams everything they need to gain a greater understanding of your members and their needs so they can deliver an engaging member experience.

Market to your members?

Keep your members up to date with the latest information. Inbuilt tools generate targeted communications based on key milestones during all stages of the membership journey.

Improve and simplify service management?

Manage requests from members with ease. Build up a knowledge base to ensure consistent and relevant responses to your members’ needs. Give your administrative and membership staff the means to increase first contact resolution and improve service.

Foster strong relationships with stakeholders?

Stay close to the organisations and individuals relevant to your business. Talk to the right people and promote the interests and needs of your members. Stay in touch with former members and reach out to them when appropriate. Build and nurture your referral networks to grow your business and increase its influence.

Have strong and configurable financials?

Configure invoicing against membership types, manage payments, automatically calculate fees and generate invoices with the powerful financial management platform. And there’s no need for complex reconciliations because the eCommerce and finance management systems are integrated.

Be sure this is a future-proof investment?

Your solution is built on a strong enterprise technology platform. Deployment options include in-house, hosted or Saas. Your in-house IT teams can tap into a powerful application framework to manage and integrate your key business systems.

Bridge the gap between data, insights and action?

Create a smarter member, organisation and staff experience by using the workflow capability. Monitor activities across all your business systems in real-time, so you always respond appropriately.

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