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Streamline business processes with Australia’s leading integrated financial forecasting & budgeting software 

The reality for many organisations is that they're drowning in a sea of spreadsheets dispersed through every department. With so many potential sources of failure and handoffs disconnecting their corporate data, it's no surprise that most organisations have a fragile and disconnected view of their business.

You'll be pleased to know that business forecasting just got easier! Fusion5 has partnered with Workday Adaptive Planning to offer you a flexible, powerful, and fast solution to your financial, sales, and budget forecasting woes.

With Workday Adaptive Planning, we can offer you access to the powerful CPM reporting and forecasting tools you need to manage your budgeting and forecasting. All the while, ensuring you remain firmly in control of the administration and evolution of your solution.

We aim to provide you with a high quality and trusted single source of truth. In other words, corporate data which you can depend on to provide valuable business insights. No more arguing about whose number is right and where the numbers came from. No more stressing about ad hoc and month-end reporting. Instead, you have an online and real-time reporting and analysis repository that you can use live in presentations and board meetings.

With the financial results connected deeply into the various business domains, you can drill down to the budget drivers, business segments and assumptions behind the numbers and ask the right questions.

With the planning, budget projection and analysis process deployed to budget holders, the people who are closest to the numbers in your business can add more quality and insight to your data.

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Plan & adapt in real time with powerful business analytics and reporting dashboards

Static planning with manual spreadsheets or legacy on-premises solutions no longer cuts it. It's an outdated approach that creates risk and eats up productive time. Workday Adaptive Planning gives you the speed to plan continuously, using data from all corners of your business.

The outcome? Rescue your business budgeting, planning, and sales forecasting methods from slow and painful manual processes to improve your productivity by more than 70%. Integrate revenue and expense planning, use rolling forecasts, analyse performance, and use qualitative forecasting. Model your sales capacity, determine quotas, and assign territories. With a cloud-based planning system, you and your team can work the way you want to work - on the web, in Excel, or on your mobile device.

Make the move to active planning. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can analyse up-to-the-minute financial, sales, and operational data, and continuously apply what you learn to improve your plans. With easy, powerful, and fast analytics, plus reporting and dashboards, you can plan and adapt in real-time to drive business success.


Workday Adaptive Planning scales exceptionally quickly. Take on a new business, even run each on their own ERP. Add on more complexity to a revenue model. Apply business performance management to strengthen performance, or take in a broader set of data. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can accommodate all these typical business progressions with ease and simplicity.

Enablement, adoption, and system ownership

A core feature of our implementations is that we spend time showing you how the solution is built. We enable you to understand the solution at every step of the way, so when it comes to go-live, you feel empowered and have a sense of ownership.

We ensure you understand the system so you can make changes without help from consultants. So you save time and money and no longer have to wait for external resources to become available.

Closing the loop between planning & execution for successful business outcomes

We recognise that a planning implementation does not solve all your problems in one go. A planned journey is needed to deliver successful business outcomes at each stage.

We plan a personalised journey with you that considers:

  • Your internal capacity
  • The highest time-to-value for you
  • Ensuring successful chunks of scope are delivered in each phase
  • Achieving the desired business results

What makes getting your planning solution from Fusion5 different?

Fusion5 has a deep relationship with a broad spectrum of operational systems in our CRM, ERP and HCM practices. We are in a unique position to close the loop between planning and execution.

We have even developed IP in the form of planning apps for diverse business processes:

  • Sales and operational planning
  • Professional services for project and business services-based sector
  • Education sector enrolments
  • Home care facilities in the aged care sector
  • Project management for construction and other project based organisations

The integrated nature of our solutions means that we work hand in hand with business domain systems. Updates made in your source system are reflected in the live model in Workday Adaptive Planning. When changes are made to an opportunity record in CRM, the Work Order in the ERP, the forecast and corporate plan is updated.

We see this as a 'Power of One' where the integration of the planning, execution and monitoring is in a closed-loop process.

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"Workday Adaptive Planning integrates reporting
across financial projections & budget forecasting
faster and easier for any industry."

Phil Taphouse FCCA, Principal Consultant, Fusion5

Some common questions we're asked about
Workday Adaptive Planning

What core features should financial forecasting software include?

Most people use spreadsheets to create a financial projection or forecast. So, forecasting software needs to do a much better job than Excel for starters! To achieve this, the software must:

  • Have a powerful modelling capability to create calculations that are flexible with a powerful and easy formula editor
  • Allow planning with high granularity of data such as product, customer, or contract
  • Have a financial model (P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)
  • Provide formulae which link throughout the model in real-time with no batch process to run


Does Workday Adaptive Planning software easily integrate historical sales data?

Yes, it does! Workday Adaptive Planning takes in detailed multi-dimensional sales data.

  • Demand planning functionality is available in Workday Adaptive Planning for sales forecasting
  • Workday Adaptive Planning is often used for demand planning which is the forecasting of sales by dimensions such as sales channel, salesperson, and product SKU


What are the advantages of being cloud-based?

Cloud-based planning software is far less complicated than traditional on-premise installed planning software. It's easier for finance administrators to manage and own without specialist consulting. Modern cloud planning software is also functionally rich, taking code-intensive reliant models to out-of-the-box functionality in the cloud.


Does Workday Adaptive Planning software accommodate complex revenue models?

It sure does. Workday Adaptive Planning is a powerful business modelling tool. It takes the most complex business rules found in typical revenue models such as billing, revenue recognition rules and scenarios around volumes, rates and product mix, into the equation.


Is Workday Adaptive Planning the same as Adaptive Insights?

Yes, Adaptive Insights was acquired by Workday in 2018 (for $1.5b). Workday invests heavily in continuous improvement – in fact, 30% of their profits are invested back into product development!


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